I would like to thank a lot of persons, all over the world, who help me for example by sending some pictures which are extraordinary.

In alphabetic order: Dr A Akpesse (Côte d’Ivoire), KY Anchang (Africa), G Aurejac (France), Dr AG Bagnères (France), T Berrod (France), Dr C. Bordereau (France), G Bourdais (France), D Brévière (France), Pr J Casas (France), Pr L Chow-Yang (Malaysia), JP Chartier (France), R Coutin (France), R. Didjaman (France), S Dourlot (France), Dr P Duringer (France), E Eygun (France), Dr T Evans (Australia), Dr A. Fisher (Australia), Dr T Fitzgerald (USA), Dr J Genise (Argentina), M Goubault (France), Dr M Goubault (France), Dr M Greenfield (France), H Guyot (France), Dr S Halliday (England), J Haxaire (France), Dr J Heinze (Germany), Dr D Herbreteau (France), Dr B. Hoffman (Australia), Dr P. Jacklyn (Australia), Dr C. Jost (France), Dr J Korb (Germany), ISS (France), M Labrosse (France), C Labrousse (France), Dr A Laot (France), D Lastu (France), Pr C Lazzari (France), Dr M. Legeais (France), Pr A Lenoir (France), Dr D Le Roscouet Zelwer (France), A. Leroy (France), Dr C Leroy (France), les neiges éternelles (France), Dr B Le Ru (Kenya), Dr A. Liedloff (Australia), Pr M Lussault (France), Dr A Maeder (Switzerland), D. Marquet (France), Dr V. Martel (Québec), Dr B. McKaige (Australia), Dr JL Mercier (France), Dr L Merino (Brazilia), O Morand (France), Dr J Orivel (France), Dr A. Perna (France), M Raguin (France), Dr C Ray (USA), D. Richer (France), Dr A Robert (France), P Robinet (France), Dr J Roger (France), Dr C Rouland (France), Dr D Rousse (France), Dr P Rousse (France), Pr Y Tano (Côte d’Ivoire), Dr G Theraulaz (France), S Tra Bi (Côte d’Ivoire), Dr W Tschinkel (USA), Dr T Varghese (India), Pr A Verger (France), C Veyer (France), Dr ML Vidal (France), Dr C Villemant (France).

If I forgot a name, excuse me; say me and I will write this name rapidly in this list.



Polist wasp nest, France (E. Darrouzet)


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