Themes presented in the exhibition are:

- what insects can build; definition of eusociality.
- how workers can build ?
- where are the nests ?
- origine and kind of materials used to build the nests.
- different termite nests shapes.
- ants nests.
- wasps nests.
- bees nests.
- structure of termites nests: see inside the nests.
- structure of wasps nests: fonction of each structure ?
- giant wasp nests in USA.
- fossiles of nests.
- bee wax: how can we use the wax ?
- structures of nidaplast and uses.
- what can we eat from nests ?
- idea from termite nests for our human architecture.

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Australian termite nest from Nasutitermes triodiae (A. Liedloff).

X ray tomography of a termite nest from Nasutitermes, Côte d'Ivoire (E. Darrouzet).

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