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Pictures :

- Vsit the exhibition in Micropolis: >> link

- Visit the exhibition in the Museum of Tours (France): >> link

- Pictures of the varnishing day in the Museum of Tours: >> link

- The boards of the exhibition: >> link

- See astonishing nests of the Asian wasp Vespa velutina, a new invasive species in France: >> link


Videos :

- The film "Insects Architectures". You can see 3D pictures of termite nests and wasp nest. These nests were analyzed in a medical scanner (X-ray tomography). The text is in French, sorry.
(>> Windows Media video)

- External 3D view of a termite nest from Procubitermes sjoestedti (Côte d'Ivoire).
(>> Quicktime video)

- See inside a termite nest from Procubitermes sjoestedti.
(>> Quicktime video)

- 3D films of two nests of the asian wasp Vespa velutina. (>> Quicktime video1, Quicktime video2)


... others video are showed in "media" part.


Some articles, but in French at the present time:

- 2008 L’étude des nids d’insectes par tomographie à rayons X. Insectes n°150, 11-13.

- 2008 L'intimité des nids d'insectes aux rayons X. Microscoop, 55, 10-11. (>> pdf)

- 2008 Fantastiques bâtisseurs. Covalences, N°66, 2-4. (>> pdf)

- 2007 Les insectes architectes ! Microscoop Hors-série, le journal du CNRS en délégation Centre Poitou-Charentes, 16, 8-11. (>> pdf)

- 2007 Des nids de guêpes géants aux Etats-Unis. Insectes N°145. (>> pdf)



Wasp nest from Guyanna

Cast of a subterranean ant nest (W. Tschinkel, USA)


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